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            Sophie Toolanen
                          Licensed Professional Counselor
Are you feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with your life? Are you finding your emotions intolerable or suffering consequences of emotional instability? Are you wanting to make a change in your life but afraid to? Are you being held back by something that happened in the past? 
Just because everyone experiences things such as stress, self-doubt, and disappointment doesn't mean that you can't benefit from help working through it.  Just because you know of someone who has gone through worse doesn't mean you don't deserve help as well. Just because you feel pretty good doesn't mean that it can't be enjoyable or helpful to learn even more about yourself.  
There are all kinds of reasons people seek out a therapist and they are all valid. The key is finding the right therapist for you. 
I will not claim to know what is best for you, but I do know ways of helping you figure that out. I also know tools and strategies that I can teach you and help you apply, if that is something you want or is something that could help you achieve your goals. Mostly I want to offer you a safe, accepting, and compassionate place to explore anything and everything about you and your life. 
 My availability to take on new clients is limited and unpredictable, but if you feel I would be a good fit for you, please e-mail your interest
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