Q: Is this a good time to enter therapy? How do you know if you need or want it? 
     I encourage everyone and anyone to seek therapy to learn how to periodically self-reflect in a meaningful way. Whether you want help with anger management, reducing stress or anxiety, dealing with grief from loss, decreasing suffering from pain, recovering from illness, navigating a life crisis, rebuilding after a break-up, or treating a mental illness, seeking professional counseling can be very helpful. 
     Having said that, the best and fastest work is done when a client enters into the treatment process with a good idea of what they want to work on, and are ready and excited to do the work, because most change happens outside of the therapy office, as new insights are reflected on and new strategies are applied. This does not necessarily mean it’s going to be a quick process, but it can be a really meaningful and even enjoyable one

In Crisis? 
If you are currently in crisis and think that you are in need of a high level of support and accountability, then I would suggest getting assessed at a crisis center first and potentially completing an IOP or rehab to regain enough stability where you feel that one therapy session per week, or less, is sufficient.
If you are unsure, you are welcome to schedule a 20 minute free consult with me to discuss it.